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Executive Overview

Business profile

  • Translation (not interpreting) and attendant tasks
  • English editing and rewriting

☞ JTS is a business-to-business vendor

Languages Focus: Japanese–English translation
  • Services for Japanese and German, Dutch, Korean, Chinese, and Spanish are available contingent upon translator availability and compatibility with your requirements. Please ask.
Fields Public relations and corporate communications
  • News releases, press kits, publicity materials
  • Media articles and clippings
  • Annual reports, CSR reports, results releases, and other documents for investors
  • Proposals, prospectuses, and other corporate communication and presentation materials
  • Internal documents, especially internal communication materials

  • Product pamphlets and other marketing materials
  • Campaign proposals, documentation, and reports

Financial services
  • Equity and other analyst reports

☞ List not exhaustive; click here for details. Note that if we cannot accommodate your needs directly, we will do our best to put you in touch with a reliable vendor who can.

Pricing Rates vary according to the requirements and quality grade of the translation. Unit prices are per-Japanese manuscript character or word of English output depending on the nature of the manuscript. See our rate schedule for details.
Turnaround Turnaround times depend on the complexity and volume of the translation; lead times, on translator availability at the time of your order. Please submit your document for an estimate.

☞ Please note that we cannot responsibly estimate turnaround time or price without seeing the actual document to be translated or a reasonable facsimile.

Software JTS uses Microsoft Office products, including OneDrive, in the translation process.
Other considerations
  • Our translators are seasoned professionals with the appropriate source-language comprehension and the target-language writing skills of educated native speakers. We do not sub-contract our translations to students, idle homemakers, hobbyists, or other non-professionals.
  • Translations are reviewed by a second pair of eyes; higher-grade translations are rigorously rewritten for the target audience in a manner compatible with client requirements.
  • We provide Japanese clients with advice on standard, idiomatic English usage and formatting to ensure against embarrassment and misunderstanding due to poor or strange presentation.
  • JTS does not accept work outside its translators’ fields of competency. If we are unable to accommodate your needs, we will do our best to put you in touch with a reliable vendor who can.

Company profile

Trade name K.K. Japan Translation Services
James A. Lockhart
Founded July 1992
Contact points Bricks-and-mortar address (legal domicile)
40-6 Kamikoiji
Miyano-shimo, Yamaguchi
Yamaguchi 753-0011 JPN

Tel. +81-80-5683-8020

☞ Please call or email if you need to send a fax.

Or email us in English, Japanese, or German

☞ Please do not attach files to initial enquiries.

Business terms & conditions
  • Enquiries and all work are treated as confidential. Our translators and editors are also bound by confidentiality agreements.
  • Unless separate arrangements are negotiated, work is performed on a work-for-hire basis. Although copyright resides with the client, ownership of the translation remains with JTS and transfers to the client upon full payment of the billed translation fee.
  • The client’s use of the translation for any purpose other than review will be deemed as acceptance of the translation as delivered and obligates the client to full payment of the billed amount.
  • JTS is a business-to-business vendor; we do not accept orders from private individuals, unincorporated entities, or religious organizations.
Banks SMBC (Yokohama branch) and Mizuho Bank (Yokohama branch)

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