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Examples and Links to Samples of Our Work

The following list illustrates the kind of work we do between English and Japanese. The hyperlinks will take you to some of our past and ongoing projects so you can get an idea of the level and quality of translation we deliver. While the samples on client web sites may contain minor textual alterations made by the client post-delivery, for the most part what you see demonstrates the look and feel of our product.

We normally keep client names confidential, so we would like to thank those how have given us permission to display their content in this manner.

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External corporate communications

  • English public-relations magazines and newsletters for Japanese clients
    Note: links removed since the issues JTS translated are no longer available. Sorry.
    • The Sumitomo Group Public Affair Committee’s Sumitomo Quarterly magazine, translated by JTS from its Summer 1999 (No. 77) to its Spring 2015 (No. 140) issue.
    • Eciffo, Kokuyo’s twice yearly magazine on the office and office environments. JTS translated and edited summaries of the major articles in its Spring 2004 to its Spring 2009 issues, when publication was suspended for budgetary reasons.
    • Kokuyo’s Catalyzer magazine on office innovations and environments. JTS translated and edited synopses of major articles beginning with the magazine’s Spring 2005 debut issue and ending with its suspension for budgetary reasons.
    • Tokyo Power & Electric’s Illume twice-yearly science magazine. JTS translated and edited article summaries under the direction of Point, Inc. for issue numbers 23 through 38, when the publication was discontinued.

  • Annual reports
    • JTS translated and edited the following annual reports under the direction of No Limits, Ltd.

  • News releases and investor information
    • News releases for NetRatings Japan (Japanese to English translations; no longer available online)

  • Corporate brochures and websites
  • White papers and speeches

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