About JTS

Japan Translation Services (JTS) was founded in Yokohama in 1992 to provide language services between Japanese and European languages, principally English. We have since grown into a niche boutique with a well-defined focus that lets us provide translations of unusual quality in our areas of expertise.

Our principle office is located in the regional city of Yamaguchi, and we maintain an outpost in Yokohama. But our translators—all accomplished independent contractors—are located in far-flung places like Australasia, Europe, and North America as well as throughout Japan.

The Japanese-to-English side of our operation consists of several core translators led by JTS principal Jim Lockhart. All seasoned veterans with field-specific background in two or more of the business domains they cover, most have worked extensively as publication editors too. These attributes assure you of well-written, idiomatic translations that are accurate reflections of the original as well.

The English-to-Japanese side of our operation is managed from the office in Yokohama. It consists of two core translators who, like their J-to-E counterparts, are accomplished wordsmiths with over three decades of experience each.

JTS also works with a number of other freelance translators and editors as the need arises. This allows us to provide quicker turnaround for large projects and to cover areas our core people do not handle. We’re also flexible enough to accommodate requests outside our comfort zone: If you need something we can’t provide directly—say, translation between Japanese and Dutch, German, or Chinese, or in an area we don’t usually cover—call us anyway. We’ll be glad to arrange to get it done or put you in touch with another, reputable vendor.

JTS’s objective is to help you get your message across the language barrier with the kind of translation that best fits your requirements. We hope you’ll give us a try.

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