Work organization

Work organization

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Ideally, initial translations are done by native-level users of the source language who are also skilled writers of the target language. Translations are then checked for accuracy by someone, usually a second person also skilled in the use of the source and the target languages, and finally edited (i.e., rewritten for flow and presentation) by an experienced target-language editor. Our objective is to render the content of the original document—its factual information, nuances, register, and feel—by recreating it in the idiom of the target language.

A little bit about how we work

  • All our translators are professionals: We do not hire students, idle homemakers, hobbyists, or other non-professional translators.
  • Our service includes reviews of client comments and incorporation of any needed changes.
  • We explain the content of our word choices and other editing decisions to help non-native members of client staff understand them.
  • We work to ensure that the wording, tone, and manner of our translations are appropriate for their intended use (application) and audience.

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