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The following are the areas of translation where we have our greatest strengths. Though not exhaustive, this list is intended to give you an idea of whether we can do the kind of work you need done.

For more details, please drop us a line. If we can meet your needs, we’ll be glad to draw up an estimate; and if we can’t—for instance because our skill sets are incompatible—we’ll be glad to put you in touch with someone reputable who can.

Public relations and publicity documents

  • Ad campaign proposals and related materials*
  • Branding strategies and related materials*
  • English translations of Japanese-language ads, copy, and broadcast content for appropriateness-checking by the home offices and non-Japanese–speaking management of overseas-based entities with a presence in Japan
  • Translation into Japanese of materials to be used in the drafting or localization of advertising and copy for the Japanese market
  • Translations of competitor ads and copy for analysis

External corporate communications

  • English public-relations magazines and newsletters for Japanese clients
  • News releases, backgrounders, and investor information
  • Corporate brochures, websites, and table-top publications
  • Annual reports, CSR reports, and other public- and investor-relations publications, often in cooperation with No Limits, Ltd.:
  • Corporate opinion papers on current events
  • Product announcements, pamphlets, and brochures
  • Product descriptions, usage instructions, and other documentation
  • White papers and speeches
  • Event announcements and brochures
  • Correspondence and other business communications

Internal corporate communications

  • Media clippings for non-Japanese clients monitoring local news coverage of their business or products
  • Management messages (including blogs) addressed to employees
  • Internal project proposals and associated documentation
  • Project progress reports, problem-resolution reports, and similar documents
  • Consumer questionnaires and product comments, including complaints

Financial industry documents

  • Equity reports, presentations, and other documents written by securities analysts

Other work

  • Contracts, legal briefs, affidavits, witness testimony, and other court documents
  • Pharmaceutical documentation, clinical trial reports

JTS—Carefully Crafted Translations

*Related materials includes presentations, backgrounders, supporting documents, progress reports, meeting minutes, wrap-up reports, and any thing else you may need done. (back to text)

Subject to specialist-translator availability. (back to text)

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